It’s been a long time since I’ve posted

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted. To anyone who cares, I’ll say that I’m sorry!

I still might post occasionally, but I think that I’m going to take a new direction. Instead of posting what I like and delicious meals that I’ve had, I’m only going to post the bad. I’m not going to even bother posting about the mediocre, just the food and experiences that have been utter crap for one reason or another.

My first rant should becoming later this week. Stay tuned!

Shio in NH

After visiting PK’s family in NH for the holidays, I wanted to check out some thrift stores (hoping to add more crap to my collections of way too many things). When we were at one thrift, we realized we needed some food (and drinks). We saw the sign for Shio, and decided to give it a shot. Being an urban food snob, my expectations were low.

I was wrong…

We ordered 2 Mai Tais, chirashi, and one of their fancy rolls. The Mai Tais was pretty good. They weren’t close to as good as the old Spring Blossom quality, but they were pretty much on par with Green Tea (which is well above average for Boston restaurants).

The sashimi was really fresh and delicious. The cuts were a good size and the price was right. (I think the chirashi was $12 during lunch and it came with 12 pieces.)

So, if you are anywhere near Portsmouth, and are craving sushi, you should definitely check it out.

Cheap Sushi

The other night after going to Winter Brew at Urbano’s new space in JP, PK and I were craving some sushi, but we didn’t want to spend much.

We headed to Sushi Express. The plan was to get sashimi, but for some reason we abandoned that plan when we got there and went for sushi and a couple of their fancy rolls. While many complain that their sushi isn’t great, I feel that you get what you pay for, and when you don’t want to spend much, Sushi Express hits the spot. While their fancy rolls are okay if that’s your thing, I recommend sticking with the sashimi and sushi.




I know that it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Damn laziness…

Anyway, today’s post is about Fasika. I really like this place, but most comments that I read on chowhound give it not so good marks. I don’t get it… And, I find that many like Addis Red Sea for Ethiopian food. I find Addis Red Sea to be pretty bland (and quite a bit more expensive) when compared to Fasika.

Anyway, 3 of us went with a coupon. We ate a lot, drank a bit, left a very good tip, and spent about $16 each.

Our favorite dishes were the Ayeb Be-Gomen (homemade cottage cheese w/ collared greens, herbs, & spices), Kitfo (raw minced beef in spices), Ye-Beg Alicha (cubed lamb in a turmeric sauce), & Doro Wot (chicken in a berbere sauce). All the vegetable dishes were enjoyable, but, on that day, the lamb and chicken really stood out.